A Little About Me…

I’m a documentary filmmaker and peace advocate that’s traveled the world to prove that peace is possible – even in the most unlikely spaces. With 10+ years of immersive experience under my belt, I use storytelling, design, social media, and community building to create safe spaces where we can bring more peace, love, and radical compassion into our lives.

In today’s high demand for solutions to social inequities, I’ve realized that peacemakers can no long afford to remain quiet. And now more than ever, I’m ready to share the miracles I’ve witnessed in peacemaking, connecting you with my global family of social entrepreneurs, artists, and organizers. Calling on my skills as a podcast producer, filmmaker, writer, and consultant, I bring peace into everything I do. So let’s explore – and find the strength in our stories.


8 Ways You Can Help End Deforestation Today

Images of the destruction of the the Amazon rainforest are hard to look at. They are shared en masse to inspire...

22 Vetted Immigrant Rights Orgs Saving Latinx Lives

With a new rash of mass deportations in the U.S. this week, the images and videos of children getting separated from...

6 Ways To Mindfully Reduce Social Media Addiction

In my previous article, The Truth About Living An Authentic Life, we took a deep dive – and I mean deep!...

live authentic life with mental health

The Truth About Living An ‘Authentic’ Life

We hear a lot of marketable voices on social media encouraging us to “live an authentic life,” but for many that’s...

Tyler Batson - Overcoming Shame and Loss on Father's Day

Father’s Day For A Fatherless Child

Father’s Day isn’t always a celebration. For some, it’s a day to reflect on times gone by. So today, this one...

Tyler Batson and Josh Mojica show portrait of Syrian Refugee for This Struggle Is Real on ACT OF ISMS podcast

Creating Community in Syrian Refugee Camps [LISTEN]

It’s our last episode of the season! Thank you all so much for your support over the past few months. We’ve...

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