This morning I woke up late, but 9 hours ahead in Alexandria Egypt, A Chance for Peace editor Yassin Koptan had been up all night dealing with what he called “a catastrophe” saying that “it rained so much that cars floated.”

Reports at the time of this post account for 7 people and one horse dead, killed by the fall of an electric pole which shocked and killed all of them on impact.


LINK: “Alexandria ‘Drowned’ by Floods Leaving 7 Dead”

Criticism has strengthened against Egyptian mayor Hany el-Messeri for not taking the proper measures to prepared for such weather events as Alexandria now lies “in paralysis,” as one report reads.


Yassin, A Chance for Peace’s editor since October of 2014, has been working tirelessly with me to bring the film to light. It’s taken 7 years to finish this film an I’ve faced house fire, poverty, debt, and exhaustion on my own. Then on a chance encounter in a Lyft, I meet Yassin. After hearing my story he volunteered to help me edit the film. He has been working for free with no expectation of payment, my friend and ally in bringing this story of peace to the people. For the past several months, Yassin has been stuck in Egypt experiencing nagging delays in processing his student visa to return to the U.S. And now this happens.




I have already been actively engaged in talks to go to Egypt to finish the film at a studio there with Yassin by my side. Though the floods are an unwelcome burden on many fronts, this only strengthens my resolve to get to Alexandria, reunite with my brother Yassin, and finish what we started: create A Chance for Peace.

More updates from Alexandria as they become available.




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