There are a million ways to share a story.
Let’s start with the basics.

  • History

    Born in California and raised in Mexico from age 6, my appreciation for adventure and storytelling began early. As a little expat americano running the dirt roads of Baja California I learned to express myself and my unique perspective in many ways. Drawing, writing, using up disposable camera after disposable camera – whatever it was, I was documenting it somehow. My curiously seemed to have no limits, and it all started with one question: “Why?” Yes, I was that annoying “But why?” kid. I could ask “But why? for hours. But my questions weren’t about why the dinosaurs died off or why the sky is blue. I wanted to know why some days I wake up happy and some days I wake up mad? Why does the news only talk about what’s wrong in the world? Why do humans insist on making life so damn difficult for each other? Now as an adult, when people ask me why I travel such great lengths to share such simple truths as peace, happiness, and healing, I ask “Why not?”

  • Culture

    The way I approach every project is as a collaboration. Whether it’s a public speaking event, an interview, or a web production project, feeding off each other’s energy is what makes any creative process so exciting! We all have something valuable to bring to the table and I’m not just here to teach, I’m here to learn – everyday if I’m lucky! Creating an open, fun, and light atmosphere is paramount to a smooth and successful collaboration. In doing so, we hold each other accountable and ultimately hold the key to work we can both feel proud of.

  • Connection

    The term “global citizen” gets thrown around a lot nowadays. But aren’t we all global citizens? (Yes. Yes, we are.) And it’s this fact that motivates me to ask questions, listen, and create connections all over the world. Whether in a business environment or meeting new friends, my interest is in finding the common threads that connect us all as humans. No matter the project, human connection is imperative to my approach, because without it we walk alone – and together is so much better!

  • Impact

    Ultimately everyone wants to feel that what they are doing matters. I have been blessed to work with some amazing people, companies, and organizations, from the UN to organizing our own grassroots peace efforts. What my team and I have collectively come together to achieve is simple: we share. We share stories, missions, and talents, and in doing so we offer something to our audiences they didn’t have before. With every smile, every new client, social share, Like, and so on we are making an impact in people lives. And that’s why we collaborate – because happiness is always better when shared.




Pull up a chair, grab some tea, and let’s talk. Getting to know each other is an important part of my process. Whether the goal is to share your story on film or to broadcast your company’s vision with the world, establishing a firm foundation of communication and trust is paramount.

Action Plan

Let’s be honest, we can’t plan for everything. Stories and visions evolve and grow and we should grow with them. But the things we can plan for deserve our attention. Organization is key to a smooth workflow in any collaboration. Setting expectations and following through – now we’re getting places!


Let the fun begin! We’ve build the picture in our heads, we’ve broken in down into pieces – thoughtfully and pragmatically – and now we are ready to see the vision through! Consistency is key and the content is checked for quality to make sure the standards we’ve set are met or, better yet, exceeded!


Apple, Corp.
UNHCR – Dominican Republic
L.A. LGBT Center
Jenny Dayco – Los Angeles, California
Prepa Tec Charter Schools – Huntington Park, California
World Craft Council – New Delhi, India
The Advocate
The Huffington Post
Village Volunteers – Kenya
Funny or Die
TalkBack UK – London, England

Let’s create something beautiful together.

Start the ball rolling, plant the seed, and let’s get to work.


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