Tyler Batson and Josh Mojica show portrait of Syrian Refugee for This Struggle Is Real on ACT OF ISMS podcast Theologian and lGBTQ Christian activist Michael Vasquez interview on ACT OF ISMS podcast ACT OF ISMS "A podcast that takes intimate look at the transformative power of radical compassion..."

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ACT OF ISMS connects audiences with an international community change leaders using radical compassion to unite historically divided communities. Curious to their core, co-hosts Tyler Batson and Maria Prichard dive deep into rich conversations about race, activism, the refugee crisis, the #MeToo movement, and more. The healing that emerges from each episodes proved the power of radical compassion in this narrative based, storytelling audio experiment. Hosted by TYLER BATSON & MARIA PRICHARD.

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Tyler Batson and Josh Mojica show portrait of Syrian Refugee for This Struggle Is Real on ACT OF ISMS podcast

Creating Community In A Syrian Refugee Camp

In this episode we’ll meet Josh Mojica, a man turned humanitarian that decided he was just gonna show up in one of the worlds largest refugees camps to see how he could help…

Alicia Crosby of Center for Inclusivity interviewed on ACT OF ISMS podcast

Fighting LGBTQ+ Oppressors With Queer Compassion

Tyler is back in Chicago for part 2 of our inside look into the queer revolution happening in the Christian church. Tyler speaking to Alicia Crosby, founder of the Chicago-based non profit Center for Inclusivity about…


The Queer Revolution in the Christian Church

Tyler is back out in the field, but this time we’re traveling from L.A. to Chicago to explore the queer revolution happening in the Christian church. Tyler meets artist and theologian Jonathan Randall Grant to talk about the long forgotten…


The Politics Of Shame with Adam MacLean

Adam MacLean, founder of Post Shame and postshame.org, stops by to talk about internet privacy, shame, revenge porn, and what our world would look like if politicians went #PostShame.


#MeToo. Love, Tyler

Tyler is ready to admit that, he too, has experienced sexual assault. He sits down with Maria to discuss what happened when he confronted his assaulter and gives us an intimate look into an immensely powerful moment of healing, compassion, and liberation.


#MeToo. Love, Maria

Our next is: sexism. And rather than asking someone to come forward to share their story, Maria decided to her own experiences with sexual misconduct and our vision of the culture shift happening as a result of the Me Too movement…


We’re Here To Love One Another

When we sat down in the studio with James, of Coffee With a Black Guy, we thought the interview was over. But there was something else he wanted to share. A never before told piece of his racism story. This is a story about love…


ACTIVISM: Go With What You Know

In our first episode, we explore a new definition of activism with two change-leaders breaking the mold of traditional activism and successfully bridging social divides. First, we get “comfortable being uncomfortable” with James, founder of Coffee With A Black Guy and learn…

Maria Pritchard

Maria Takes the Proust Questionnaire

As we get ready to launch full episodes on April 4th, Tyler interviews Maria using the Proust Questionnaire – 35 questions that are said to reveal ones “true nature.” You be the judge…


Tyler Takes the Proust Questionnaire

As we get ready to launch, we thought we’d give you guys a chance to learn a little bit more about us, your hosts. And of course Maria decided we’d use the Proust Questionnaire – 35 questions that are said to reveal one’s “true nature.” Expect laughter, brutal honesty, and Siri (when you least expect her.)


Introducing the ACT OF ISMS Podcast

My friend Maria Prichard and I are ready to find out what resilience looks like when we stop resisting. And from that enthusiastic curiosity, the ACT OF ISMS podcast was born. Both of us feel that there are too few spaces for positivity in our current culture of right and wrong. Our current political climate encourages us to stare so hard at the problem, that we miss the solutions – and the solutions are all around us!

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      • As I look back and into the present, I have moments of clarity that what really matters is “the now”. Like when immersed “in the now” as a child listening to a bird, totally taking in the beauty of a flower, sitting quietly by a rambling brook all by myself with the exception of a chipmunk, at night in the stillness and silence of the moon and freshly fallen snow – how those moments opened to a spiritual depth that came naturally and unscripted. These moments became fewer and farther between as an adult. But I realize that those moments are what matters. The time spent with those that you truly connect with and feel love. To learn to love more deeply and to realize that being in nature has an energy of its own that rejuvenates us. And therefore to make a point of spending more time communing with nature. To love oneself and spread that love to others.

        Jacqui on… love and nature
      • You are the embodiment of love and grace. Never doubt yourself for one second… We are all a spark of the source of our creation, which is love in it’s purest form. How much more perfect can we be. Once we truly love ourselves, then we can truly love others and be filled with grace and gratefulness. The rest just follows… You are on the right path and totally worthy. Let the past be just that and only look forward. Lessons learned.

        Jacqui on… her core beliefs
      • You have all the tools needed for whatever you pursue!

        Jacqui on… tools needed
      • Forgiveness and letting go leaves the space needed for the universe to do it’s magic. 

        Jacqui on… forgiveness
      • Tyler, I am so touched by your courage. What an exceptional delivery of your #MeToo story. Thank you for being vulnerable and congratulations on this inspirational podcast!”

        Username ~8~8~
        Submitted via iTunes
      • “It is an elevating experience to hear Tyler and Maria use compassion as activism to transform [emotions] that can be perceived as “weak” or “hyper-sensitive”, into stories with true impact. Bravo!”

        Chris G.
        Submitted via iTunes
      • “The end of ‘#MeToo. Love, Tyler‘ was the most poetically and emphatically punctuated #MeToo story I’ve heard thus far.”

        Ryan L.
        Santa Barbara, California
      • “As a high school teacher, I know this podcast has potential to generate meaningful and powerful conversations in the classroom. It’s my go-to podcast when I’m looking for inspiration and motivation.”

        Tia C.
        Santa Barbara, California
      • “Maria and Tyler bring a fresh and passionate perspective to many of the central issues currently dividing us. They are sourcing the stories we need to hear and asking the questions we should be asking.”

        Danny S.
        Los Angeles, California
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