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Koala rescue from volunteer firefighters in Australia Bushfires in New South Wales - How to donate
Australia Bushfires – 9 Vetted Orgs For Animal Rescue, Emergency Services, and more…
January 8, 2020

The Australia bushfires are devastating New South Wales at an unfathomable rate. As of today there are still 68 uncontained fires…

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30 Years In Pursuit Of Peace – A StoryCorps Interview
November 15, 2019

(34 min listen)

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My First Poem In 15 Years…
October 28, 2019

I revealed on my Facebook Page recently that I have been back to writing poetry… after 15 years. I also revealed…

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22 Vetted Immigrant Rights Orgs Saving Latinx Lives
August 10, 2019

With a new rash of mass deportations in the U.S. this week, the images and videos of children getting separated from…

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live authentic life with mental health
The Truth About Living An ‘Authentic’ Life
June 20, 2019

We hear a lot of marketable voices on social media encouraging us to “live an authentic life,” but for many that’s…

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Tyler Batson - Overcoming Shame and Loss on Father's Day
Father’s Day For A Fatherless Child
June 16, 2019

Father’s Day isn’t always a celebration. For some, it’s a day to reflect on times gone by. So today, this one…

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Alicia Crosby of Center for Inclusivity interviewed on ACT OF ISMS podcast
TRIBALISM Part 2: Queer Compassion for Queer Oppressors [LISTEN]
July 3, 2018

Tyler is back in Chicago for part 2 of our inside look into the queer revolution happening in the Christian church….

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Theologian and lGBTQ Christian activist Michael Vasquez interview on ACT OF ISMS podcast
TRIBALISM Part 1: The Queer Revolution in the Christian Church [LISTEN]
July 3, 2018

Tyler is back out in the field, but this time we’re traveling from L.A. to Chicago to explore the queer revolution…

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Tyler Batson - How I forgave my sexual assaulter
SEXISM Part 1: Forgiving My Sexual Assaulter [LISTEN]
July 3, 2018

In this episode, I turn the mic on myself to tell a story I’ve never told before. It’s the un-edited story…

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BONUS EPISODE: “We’re Here to Love One Another” [LISTEN]
July 2, 2018

When we sat down in the studio with James, of Coffee With a Black Guy, we thought the interview was over….

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