What happens when colors bleed? They soften and mix and become something new. They take from each other what they lack and they transform. For me, that is what Pride is about. It’s about being open and showing those who may not know or understand what it means to be gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, or intersex. It’s opening up a dialogue and it’s celebrating the struggles so many have gone through before us.

We are shocked and saddened today but we are unmoved in our journey toward equality, peace, and love. This tragedy will bring us together, to see and be seen – the Community and Allies alike – to raise our flags even as we shed our tears, because we’re PROUD. And we want nothing more than to just be.

We’ve lost 50 of our brothers and sisters but we shall gain countless more in our fight. But we must FIGHT – not with guns, not with hate, not with prejudice, but with peace. But let our non-violence not underwhelm you, because thousands and millions of people standing for peace – THAT is change. THAT is power. THAT is strength.

We are not cowards. We are PROUD.

Please share if you are with me or if you simply can’t find the words to express your heart today.

With love, Tyler