• 10 years, 8 countries, and 22,000 miles later, A Chance for Peace is here!

    Long before Trump, ‘A Chance for Peace’ set out to prove that peace is possible, even in the face of a divisive election. It later went on to become the center of grassroots peace movement, inspiring thousands to end generations of divisiveness in Kibera, Kenya. Now, ‘A Chance for Peace’ is ready to take on the world.


Hi! I’m Tyler.

I tell stories. What’s yours?

Okay, I’ll go first then. I’m a documentary filmmaker and peace advocate that’s traveled the world to prove that peace is possible – even in the most unlikely spaces. With 10+ years of immersive experience under my belt, I use storytelling, design, social media, and community building to create safe spaces where we can bring more peace, love, and radical compassion into our lives.


Strength in Our Stories

I’ve interviewed everyone from Buddhist monks to gang members, 10-year-old activists and political prisoners. No matter where we come from, the desire for peace is universal. So when Africa’s largest slum was set to descend into passions of divisiveness and discrimination, my team and I launched a peace initiative that inspired even members of the Taliban to commit to peace. One doesn’t accomplish all that without first listening. And now more than ever, I’m ready to share the miracles I’ve witnessed in peacemaking. Calling on my skills as a podcast producer, filmmaker, writer, and consultant, I bring peace into everything I do. So let’s explore – and find the strength in our stories.





A documentary film that shows what happens when 4 people take peace-building into their own hands following a divisive presidential election.




A podcast on a mission to create connection and compassion through conversation and action. Hosted by Tyler Batson and Maria Prichard.

Now a 5-star rated podcast on iTunes!




A brief look at over 10 years of documentary filmmaking. Journey with me from Hollywood, California to the flatlands of Kenya, militarized zones in Egypt, Turkish seas, and more.



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  • Tyler, I am so touched by your courage. What an exceptional delivery of your #MeToo story. Thank you for being vulnerable and congratulations on this inspirational podcast!”

    Username ~8~8~
    Submitted via iTunes
  • “It is an elevating experience to hear Tyler and Maria use compassion as activism to transform [emotions] that can be perceived as “weak” or “hyper-sensitive”, into stories with true impact. Bravo!”

    Chris G.
    Submitted via iTunes
  • “As a high school teacher, I know this podcast has potential to generate meaningful and powerful conversations in the classroom. It’s my go-to podcast when I’m looking for inspiration and motivation.”

    Tia C.
    Santa Barbara, California
  • “Maria and Tyler bring a fresh and passionate perspective to many of the central issues currently dividing us. They are sourcing the stories we need to hear and asking the questions we should be asking.”

    Danny S.
    Los Angeles, California
  • “The end of ‘#MeToo. Love, Tyler‘ was the most poetically and emphatically punctuated #MeToo story I’ve heard thus far.”

    Ryan L.
    Santa Barbara, California
  • “When I see a post from Tyler, I always read it knowing it has depth, knowledge and, inspiration. Always.”

    Alisa C.
    Box Hill, Australia


What we create together, we enjoy together. That’s why I approach all my work as an opportunity to collaborate, listen, and have some fun. Ready to make some magic happen?

  • Podcast Production
  • Writing
  • Peace Activism & Advocacy
  • Web Design
  • Branding & Social Media
  • Public Speaking


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