A Chance for Peace


A Chance for Peace is a documentary film that shows what can happen when we refuse to give in to hate and choose peace instead. Following Kenya’s post-election violence of 2007, three unsung heroes emerged. One, a vagabond street artist turned peace messenger; the second, a rural clinic nurse turned medical marvel; and the third, a Maasai pioneer in education transforming the future of his community literally from the ground up. This film shows it’s not enough to accept peace as the absence of violence. Together, we can do better.


In 2007 I volunteered in Kenya. My local host father, Emmanuel Leina, happened to be running for Member of Parliament in Kenya’s Transmara District. It was during this period that I came into my own as an global citizen. The result of the election was tragic. Post-election violence broke out and displaced over 12,000 Kenyans, including Emmanuel and his family. The dispassionate and lackluster media coverage was my impetus for action to create A Chance for Peace and give voice to my Kenyan brothers and sisters myself.


Currently in post-production, ACFP has taken me on something of a vision quest. As my first venture into documentary filmmaking, I sought to understand the pain that Kenyans endured following the post-election violence. I wanted to, not just document, but understand how it is that one can lose everything and still find ways to create peace in the face of chaos. After shooting in Kenya I returned broke and exhausted. One week later, I lost my home to a house fire. Arson. Just like the Kenyans I met, I too had to lose everything and create my own chance for peace to properly tell this story. Now, seven years later, the finishing touches are being laid and A Chance for Peace will truly be realized.

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