Documentary Showreel


Starting out when I was still in college, I was inspired to make films for one very simple reason: to give voice to the voiceless. While studying International Development at UCLA, I volunteered in Kenya in 2007. When I arrived I learned my host father was running for Member of Parliament. I campaigned with him passionately, but when I got home, post-election violence broke out. Six hundred thousand people were displaced and no US news outlet that I saw attempted to give voice to those affected. Furious, I turned to film as the best tool with which to go back to Kenya to offer a platform for them to share their story.


This passion and impetus for action has lead me to produce my own independent documentary films, shorts, and web videos in Kenya, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, Turkey, Costa Rica, and the US, as well as participating in the works of a bevy of teams from Australia, Egypt, and the UK, including Endemol Australia, iTV, and Fig Leaf Studios. Subjects range from social justice to travel, empowerment, art & design, coming-of-age, and peace. My first feature documentary film, A Chance for Peace, is set to hit the festival circuits in 2017. 


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