Harper: The 10th Year


The second in an ongoing series, Harper: The 10th Year, shows us how Harper and her parents learn the art of letting go as Harper moves away from being a little girl and into her formative pre-teen years. Filmed in California’s Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, the scenic backdrop compliments the beauty of saying goodbye to one season of life and opening up to the next.


I could examine my family photos for hours. But since I was a kid, looking at those snapshots always left me with more questions. So I started this project. Conceived as a means of shedding light on the truths behind the standard posed family photos, I sought out to create a sort of living history. My subject: Harper Bella. Every six years I film Harper as she navigates through life, highlighting the extraordinary in the ordinary – those small moments In every child’s life that come to define us as adults. In this series, I approach these moments with a sense of play – play being that integral element in our lives that, as adults, tends to lose priority over time.


This video was filmed just a week before something seemed to shift in Harper’s demeanor. She entered her pre-teen years with a renewed confidence and openness that wasn’t there before. Taking the time to reflect on where she has been and where she is going seemed to soften what can be a difficult process for a family: growth.

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