After shooting the final bits of footage for A Chance for Peace in Egypt I really needed a holiday. A one-way ticket to Costa Rica did the trick! Of course, no holiday is without its fair amount of inspiration and after 1.5 months of living like a local, Costa Rica was no exception. This after-movie encapsulates the spirit of Playa Santa Teresa, a small surf town on the Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. Peppered with delicious restaurants right on the sand and late night dance parties, the town comes alive at night! During the day, tourists and locals alike bask in the sun and surf, gliding through the day like a monkey on a swing – and there are plenty of those too! I can’t wait to go back, until then I’ll be watching this video over and over again.


Living like a local opens one up to so many special experiences. Over the month-and-a-half that I was in Santa Teresa I met people from all over the world who had followed their dreams far from their country of origin to live fully, as they saw it, in Costa Rica. And I see why! While I was there National Women’s Day was being celebrated in the US. And as fate would have it, one such expat – poet Janne Robinson – was filming a video and needed some support. By the next day I was producing a web video based on her poem “I Will Never Be A Well-Behaved Woman.” We met women and girls from all over the region and spoke to them about empowerment and what it means to be a woman in today’s world – an experience I would’ve never had had I not chosen to live like a local. 

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