Love is a journey such that life is a journey. Change is constant in both, yet it seems we get caught up in what love should be. Love is what binds us, not what makes us complete.

The love that binds us is not just romantic love, or that curl-your-toes, “he’s the one!” love. It’s the love you feel when you laugh uncontrollably; or that feeling that fills you up from the inside out when you pause to meditate on something; or that moment immediately after you’ve completed a random act of kindness. The love that binds us is the love that’s given just to give, not because you expect it in return. Putting love’s power in someone else’s hands, I’ve learned, is setting yourself up for failure.

To be open-hearted, free from the fear that we are not complete, and to be in love always instead of living in the pursuit of it – that is the lesson. That is the goal.

And so it is.
(And so it is.)


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