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Resentment Is Just An Unexpressed Boundary
November 7, 2019

Up until recently, my resentment was a beast that I’d learned to tame. But I was wrong. I was carrying him…

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6 Ways To Mindfully Reduce Social Media Addiction
August 2, 2019

In my previous article, The Truth About Living An Authentic Life, we took a deep dive – and I mean deep!…

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SEXISM Part 1: #MeToo. Love, Maria [LISTEN]
July 2, 2018

Following the radical impact of the #MeToo movement, I sat down with Maria to discuss the subject of our next episode…

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Now What? The LGBTQ+ Role in a President Trump Era
November 18, 2016

Our country is suffering a crisis of distrust. How we move forward will require us to ask ourselves what our motivations…

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Transformative Moments
October 22, 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome. In the process of building this website I’ve come across a lot of me. As a storyteller since…

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