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Tyler Batson at Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas
Connecting To Ancient Indigenous Spirit At Red Rock Canyon
January 11, 2020

RED ROCK CANYON, NEVADA. It was a rare event to get that much snow is Las Vegas. The craggy mountains were…

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Alicia Crosby of Center for Inclusivity interviewed on ACT OF ISMS podcast
TRIBALISM Part 2: Queer Compassion for Queer Oppressors [LISTEN]
July 3, 2018

Tyler is back in Chicago for part 2 of our inside look into the queer revolution happening in the Christian church….

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Theologian and lGBTQ Christian activist Michael Vasquez interview on ACT OF ISMS podcast
TRIBALISM Part 1: The Queer Revolution in the Christian Church [LISTEN]
July 3, 2018

Tyler is back out in the field, but this time we’re traveling from L.A. to Chicago to explore the queer revolution…

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Transformative Moments
October 22, 2015

Hello everyone! Welcome. In the process of building this website I’ve come across a lot of me. As a storyteller since…

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Be In Love Always
October 13, 2015

Love is a journey such that life is a journey. Change is constant in both, yet it seems we get caught…

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