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There is something special about capturing the spirit of a person in a portrait. This is, of course, made a lot easier when you know the subject’s spirit well. Dana Burkett is a friend of mine based in Los Angeles. A stylist in her own right, she’s also a lover of the 1960s and 1970s and all that it stands for – passion, equality, justice, freedom, expression, strength, and self determination. So when she asked me to shoot “a few pieces” for her new vintage clothing store I was more than happy to – so happy, in fact, that we ended up doing far more than a few pieces and had an amazing private shoot on one of Downtown L.A.’s scenic rooftops. Spirit: captured!


Whether I’m creating a new website, planning out a branding scheme, shooting a film, or shooting stills, there is an energy that fuels me, and that is the magic of beginnings. Dana, like so many of my clients, is excited to create her own career identity based on what she loves best. In Dana’s case, that passion is fashion! However, something surfaced during the shoot that we weren’t expecting: our shared passion for The City of Angels. As the sun set over the The Arts District, a quiet contemplation descended, as well, that reminded us both how blessed we are to live here. And I can definitely see that gratitude in Dana’s eyes. Can you?


Yes, these are essentially promotional and product shots for Dana’s business, but to me they are so much more than that. We literally rose above the fray of Los Angeles, above the trends and the trendy, and above the traffic that clouds the sights and sounds of the city. There, perched high above the city we captured a moment in time and a woman on the verge – a woman energized by possibility and the power of putting her passion into action. What resulted is a series of portraits that harness the source of her passion – the 1960s and 1970s – infusing each shot with a spirit that, though decades behind us, is now more relevant that ever.

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